Wise Panel Systems


Building solution
  • Minimizes conduction of heat & cold​

  • Significantly reduces air infiltration​

  • Improves acoustics and protects against fire​

  • No off-gassing or harmful chemicals​

  • EnergyStar™ compliant pre-Insulated steel framing​

  • Protects against mildew and decay and consequently there is no food source for mold or for termites​

  • Every structure comes with an energy usage guarantee of ultra-energy efficient performance and comfort​

 Wise panels are rigid and fire retardant​
Wise panels are easy to modify​
Wise panels are easy to modify​

Wise steel panels are constructed of structural grade, G-60 galvanized opposing double steel framing members inserted into 1 pound per cubic foot density EPS foam insulation.

Steel panels 1
Steel panels 2

Wise wood panels are constructed of premium grade, 2” x 4” opposing framing members fastened onto 1 pound per cubic foot density EPS foam insulation.​

Wood panels 1
Wood panels 2
You Can Frame Any Structure​
Using Our Five Component Parts 

Available with both wood and steel support studs​

Frames 2

Rated at 250 Mph Sustained Winds

Load bearing capacity rated at 

2500 lbs per linear foot

Wise expanded polystyrene (EPS) is not subject to thermal drift, meaning its 

R-value remains constant throughout the life of the building.

U.S. Department of Energy​

Frames 1

Rated at 190 Mph Sustained Winds

Load bearing capacity rated at 

2500 lbs per linear foot

Wise panels are thermally broken, light​ weight composite building components​ that provide five functions in 
one fast and easy step​

1. Framing 

2. Insulation​

3. Air Barrier​

4. Vapor Barrier

​5. Exterior Sheathing


 Wise panels may be used for:​

  • Exterior Walls

  • ​Interior Walls​

  • Partitions​

  • Basements​

  • Floors​

  • Ceilings​

  • Roofs


Combinations of these ​pre-insulated components are​ screwed together to form a unique high​ performance energy shell that is fast, lightweight​ and extremely strong with superior thermal and acoustical properties.

Frames 4
Wood 2

Rated at 250 Mph Sustained Winds

Load bearing capacity rated at 

2500 lbs per linear foot

Wise panels are ideal for ​

residential, commercial ​

and industrial applications

Available in 3½, 4, 5½, 7½, 9½, and 11½ inch thicknesses ​and 2, 3, & 4 foot widths

Lengths of 8, 9, 10 ​& 12 feet ​

Frames 3
Steel 2

Rated at 190 Mph Sustained Winds

Load bearing capacity rated at 

2500 lbs per linear foot

Steel Framing ​Made Easy

Steel Frames 5
Frame 6


Frame Sizes

Wise King Support Column Basics​

Frame Size 1

Complete header materials and Wise panels for one 
2545 square foot residence​

Steel 2

Wise SteEl header installation​


Wise panels seamlessly integrate with ​
standard wood construction

Wooden Works

The Shortcomings of Conventional ​Stick Framing​

Typical stud wall designs place cavity insulation between the studs. This results in an uneven thermal distribution over the wall. The highly conductive studs act as thermal short circuits, where heat moves rapidly around the cavity insulation, reducing the system’s thermal performance. These thermal shorts can reduce the R-value of insulation by more than 50 percent of its rated value. What’s more, adding thicker insulation between the studs will not significantly improve thermal performance, nor will increasing stud size or spacing – making it physically impossible to achieve an R-19 stud wall with R-19 rated mineral fiber insulation by itself.

The Dow Chemical Company – White Paper​

Unique Builder Benefits​

  • Cuts framing time of exterior walls by as much as 50%​    

  • No cranes needed as with heavy wood S.I.P. panels​    

  • Incredibly quiet wall system​    

  • Turns any structure into an igloo cooler that happens to have windows and doors​    

  • Exceeds the Performance Criteria of the 2021 IECC Energy Code​    

  • Pre-molded areas for electrical chases​    

  • Vertical and lateral load-bearing capabilities​    

  • Waste and clean-up cost are minimal​

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