About The owner

Richard L. Rue

Founder-Wise Engineering and Building Solutions

A company dedicated to the study, integration and application of cutting edge technology for reducing energy consumption while not sacrificing your health and comfort in the structure. The Wise Analysis predicts remarkably low energy consumption (usually over 60% less) for heating and cooling costs when building Wise ultra-energy efficient structures compared to conventional code built construction. 

The development of this program began in 1979 as the brain child of ex-NASA engineers who designed the heating and cooling systems for the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space capsules. Richard became involved early on with these engineers and participated in an experimental structure that was written up in the 1981 NASA periodical called “Spinoff” for its extraordinary energy efficiency qualities. Over forty years of directly working with these engineers is the foundation of Mr. Rue’s education in ultra-energy efficient construction. With considerable research and testing, the original program for Wise became a functional reality. The program has evolved to keep pace with HVAC and building systems advances. The Wise Building System is revised and updated on an on going basis. The Wise mechanical engineering computer program is proprietary and was co-authored by Richard L. Rue and William B. Poucher, PhD.

Mr. Rue’s expertise in the HVAC, insulation and energy consumption arenas represent over forty years of involvement in diverse aspects of energy conservation such as: participating on the first “Net Zero” energy high school in the nation, manufacturing cellulose insulation, developing a process for spraying cellulose insulation, hands-on experience with the development of the first variable-speed drive geo-thermal heat pumps, to many years of involvement in Laboratory testing for various manufacturers of energy-related products.

Richard is a licensed Texas HVAC contractor and a licensed International Code Council inspector. He is a past member of ASHRAE & ASTM. He served on various ASTM committees to establish testing standards in the insulation industry. Richard has been interviewed for articles published in "RSI", "Energy Design Update", "Permanent Buildings and Foundations", "Automated Builder" and "Concrete Homes" periodicals. He is a mechanical and thermal consultant, and an active public speaker for such groups as various Home Builders Associations, the Portland Cement Association, Insulating Concrete Form Association, S.I.P. Panel manufacturers and various GEO-Thermal/HVAC manufacturers.

It is the depth of Mr. Rue’s diverse technical experience and acute insight into the real-life application of the vast array of modern construction technology that make him one of the top thermal and mechanical consultants in the country.

Decades of Construction and Building Science Experience