Cement and Concrete Promotion Council, Robert V. Lopez, P. E., Executive Director

"Once again, your expertise and wealth of knowledge concerning ultra-energy efficient construction has proved to be invaluable. Your input was a service to our industry; moreover, it was a service to our customers and our energy-conscious nation.

You demonstrated that ICF construction designed to Wise standards insures healthy outside air exchange and that ultra-energy efficient construction designed to those standards requires HVAC cooling equipment sized substantially lower than conventional sizing methods. I particularly appreciate your observation that links oversizing HVAC equipment with some of the concerns we all share concerning all types of energy-efficient construction.

Your explanation was simple. Health problems due to mold and mildew or caused by excessive exposure. Mold and mildew grow in a structure where the environment is too humid. Oversized HVAC cooling equipment is a major contributor to excess humidity. When the HVAC system cools too fast, it doesn't run long enough to circulate the air and remove excessive moisture.

It's frightening to think that there are so few “experts” who truly understand the systematic approach needed to design today's structures with modern materials and HVAC equipment. Your Wise Building System approach for designing the whole structure for comfort, health, and efficiency has avoided problems caused by builders using “rules of thumb” developed for drafty, dusty, and inefficient stick-build structures."

TXU Electric, Jody Orsag, District Customer Service Supervisor

“The program that Wise Engineering offers is a genuine energy saver and will help our customers to get the lowest electric utility bill possible.”

American PolySteel LLC, Patrick Murphy, President

“As a leader in the insulating concrete form industry, American Polysteel is proud of our association with Wise Engineering and Building Solutions, and we feel fortunate to have the opportunity to recommend you and your associates to our network of distributors…

Many of your customers are likely to send you a letter of appreciation for the work you have done on their individual projects, however, I am writing to acknowledge the consistent quality of service and performance, in a variety of circumstances, that I have experienced in working with you over the past four years. From the many presentations I have seen, the quality of reports you have produced for us, our distributors, and their customers, to the thoughtfulness with which you have worked to understand your customers’ needs and the breadth of knowledge and experience you bring to each and every interaction, you have shown yourself to be a professional of the highest caliber in an industry sorely in need of your services.

It is critically important for us to be able to provide the technical support necessary to ensure that our customers receive a total package of quality products and services that will make their construction projects successful. You give the customer an understanding of a “systems” approach he or she should take in designing a project in order to maximize the full benefits of all products. Your reports and analysis have actually helped our distributors close sales on project from modest residential homes to a 275,000 square foot assisted living center. In short, you help us get results in a highly competitive market by providing our customers with a professional, reliable, and vitally important service.

Thank you for helping us in our efforts to build a better world”.

Reddi-Form, Ron Ardres

“Your knowledge of insulation and building sciences is amazing. You have proved to many others and to me that you are ‘the man’. We were building a home in Arkansas Pass, Texas. The client wanted it to be hurricane resistant and energy efficient. The home was approximately 4,000 square feet. We instructed the HVAC contractor to contact you for the correct sizing and duct design for the unit. He did not. The results were a disaster. Our client’s ceiling turned green with mold. I then contacted you to help us solve the problem. The client is now very happy for several reasons. He was able to get credit from the HVAC contractor, his mold and mildew problems were resolved, his energy bill was reduced and he is now very comfortable and secure in his new home.”

Ian S. Giesler, ICF Builders Network

“Today after contracting and recommending your services on over 30 projects, I can honestly state that your firm has delivered 100% satisfaction! The HVAC equipment and ductwork detailing that you provide is an invaluable tool for an energy efficient structure. We constantly must substantiate your recommended designs to the HVAC contractors who use old style “rule of thumb” sizing... We have never had a complaint about hot or cold rooms when your designs are implemented.”

Building Innovations by Thompson

“Your work and expertise breathe the soul into insulated concrete forms. … You charge next to nothing for the service”!

Arthur Flemmer, Builder/Home Owner in Van Alstyne, Texas

“Our home was built using structural insulated panels... Your company provided the guidelines and helped find an HVAC contractor to install the heating and air conditioning system to these guidelines. As a result we installed a three and one half ton GeoWise System in our 3,400 square foot house. The usage after one year was 5,710 Kwh. At $.07 per Kwh this amounts to $400 or $33.31 per month.”

Reward Wall Systems, W. Thad Tobaben, District Sales Manager

“I am writing to express the appreciation of Reward Wall Systems, Inc. for the valuable service you provide to us with your HVAC analysis and summary of cost projections for prospective building projects.”





I am a very satisfied Utah GC who worked with Richard Rue in 2004 on some ICF Student Housing. Excited for future projects together with EnergyWise Structures. FIVE PLUS

image Nate Adams

Richard Rue and Energy Wise are the real deal. I've known Richard for years now and have seen his passion for results (which his company actually measures) and his willingness to challenge traditional thinking. If you have the option to work with a ... Read more

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image Dustin Martin

My wife and I am building our new house and are using EnergyWise. They provide a great service. It is amazing how much money we are going to be saving on our electric bill. I will be recommending EnergyWise to anyone thinking of building a house.

image Steve Sierleja

My company Custom Homes, Ltd has used Energy Wise for the last 8 years. I have been very happy with the results, but more importantly my clients rave about how small their a/c bills are, as well as the comfort and quality of the air inside their home... Read more